ISO Ultraman

By David Carroll

Help support Lifeline Adelaide

This year thousands of people will be struggling with their mental health due to the isolation and economic challenges presented by the global crisis we all face. Lifeline provides vital support to people who are facing challenges. Please support me in my endeavor to do another Ultraman by supporting lifeline so they can support those doing it hard.

Across the second weekend of May, I will complete an Ultraman again, as I have for the last five years, but it will be at home this time in Isolation:
- swimming for 4 hours / 10kms in a pool,
- cycling the 420km Ultraman Australia bike course on Rouvy,
- running 84km on a treadmill in Zwift.

If you want to join me for the rides on Rouvy, or follow how I'm going, here are the links to the Rouvy online races :
Ride 1:
Ride 2:

Thank you to my Supporters


David Carroll


Delwyn Madge

You are a crazy bastard Dave but that is why we love you and everything you do! Great charity, especially in the work they do helping our entire community. Now hurry up and get moving ;)


Janeene Mansey

$10 per year. Great job Dave.



It’s still your sixth Ultraman, Dave. Wish I could be waiting at the finish line each day with Meagan and Jas.