I will give someone the gift of connection this Christmas.

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can offer connection and hope for a help seeker in crisis this Christmas.
can help keep our phone lines operating 24/7 for people in crisis.
can remind someone that they're not alone during the difficult holiday season.
can help provide specialist training for more Lifeline Crisis Supporters.

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You don’t have to be alone to feel lonely during the holiday season.

Said (pronounced ‘Psy-eed’) knows that all too well.

One New Year’s Eve, he went out with his mates to watch the fireworks. But even though he was surrounded by people and celebrations, Said felt incredibly lonely.

“It was this deep sense of not belonging. I kept on walking and found myself staring out over the water, thinking that there was nothing in life for me.”

This Christmas, you can help us be there for someone who finds themselves in their darkest moment – just like Said.

Said’s feelings are all too common at Christmas. It’s a time full of pressures – to buy gifts, to be sociable, to seem happy and to be grateful.

But underneath the smiles and Santa hats, there’s often a deep loneliness.

And in the coming weeks, it could be even more challenging – with financial stresses only adding to the feelings of isolation.

People who have coped until now might reach their darkest moment and turn to Lifeline for vital support.

Last December, we received
one call every 28 seconds. This year, we’re expecting even more.

To be there and to listen, we need your help.

Please, make a special Christmas gift to Lifeline Adelaide today and help someone like Said find connection and hope this holiday season. 

Said reached his darkest moment one New Year’s Eve. Even though he was surrounded by friends and revellers, he was overwhelmed by loneliness.

As the sun rose on 1 January, Said found the strength within to find a way forward. Today, he is in a much brighter place.

Said became a Lifeline Crisis Supporter and now trains other people to be Crisis Supporters, giving others the gift of connection and hope.

Thank you for supporting our Christmas Appeal.

To be there and to listen, we rely on the generous support of people like you.

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