Your gift is more than a deduction.

It’s a lifeline.

Last year, Lifeline Adelaide answered 36,187 calls for help.

As more people turn to us for support, your gift can make all the difference. 

Lifeline Adelaide's dedicated Crisis Supporters, like Erin, are on the frontlines every day, answering calls from people who urgently need someone to listen, someone to care. 

As a friend of Lifeline Adelaide, we know you’ll agree every call for help deserves to be heard. 

Erin’s work is essential, but she can’t do it alone. Please, can we call on you to support Lifeline Adelaide and help us offer hope when it’s needed most? 

Lifeline Adelaide helps people in need

Recently, Erin spoke with a young mother struggling with postnatal depression. Through a simple yet powerful conversation, Erin provided the support she needed to find hope and the courage to seek further help.Stories like these are a testament to the impact your generosity makes.

Please donate to help us provide a lifeline to those in need. 

Your tax-deductible donation ensures that Lifeline Adelaide can:

Answer the call for help

Our trained Crisis Supporters are available 24/7 to provide immediate assistance to those in distress. 

Offer hope and support

Every conversation can change a life, offering hope to those who feel lost and alone. 

Continue essential training

Your support helps us train more Crisis Supporters, equipping them with the skills needed to provide empathetic and effective support. 

Your support is needed now more than ever.

Please take a moment to donate before 30 June and help us continue to be a lifeline for people in crisis.

Every donation over $2 is tax-deductible and can help save a life.

“Help starts with being heard. That's a priceless gift thank you.” 

Your kindness means Crisis Supporters like Erin are here when people need them most.

Thank you for supporting our Tax Appeal.

To be there and to listen, we rely on the generous support of people like you.

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